Last News

  • “Dance” Video

    Amazing "Dance" video available on YouTube

    June 4, 2022
  • Trough the Darknes

    New track Trough the Darknes available on Spotify

    June 3, 2022
  • Dance

    New track Dance available on Spotify

    April 22, 2022
  • Unidentified Signals

    New track Unidentified Signals available on Spotify

    January 30, 2022
  • Another Life

    New track Another Life available on Spotify

    December 1, 2021
  • Battery Victim

    New track Battery Victim available on Spotify

    October 15, 2021
  • East Path

    New track East Path available on Spotify

    October 1, 2021

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    Creative and intense beats around Psy Trance. This is exactly what Germans Psy Trance Producer Ed Warcom stands for. He himself looks back on many years of experience as a private DJ and has already been able to improve the one or other party with his content. Ed Warcom celebrated his first releases in 2021 through Goa Records, Geomagnetic Records, AFTERTIME Records and Yeiskomp Records. Many more releases will follow in the future.

    Psy Trance music is of enormous importance to him at this point, which is why he would like to focus more on this hobby in the upcoming years. With tact and the right attitude in the field of Psy Trance, he provides the perfect mix and makes his music a hit for good mood. When it comes to innovation and variety in the field of electronic music, Ed Warcom can therefore already convince his fans today.




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